All my scraps kits are for personal use only,
 -Please do not change the files, you can recolorizar
you can recolorizar and resize on what you need, use to tutorials, tags, sets, layouts, etc,
this being for
personal use only, and giving me due credit, thanks
"Do not go to any other server radphishared already,
download it directly from the links I have in the blog,
if you are free, or pay, purchase to use
No sharing, No Resale!
If they are free kits

download it directly from the links I have in the blog,

or pay if they are selling kits

  to buy to use,
 my scraps, can not be used for commercial use, sell, orr for other improper use,
or any similar path,
- your you can make quickpake, only for personal use, and not sell them,
use them they to be able to adorn, nothing more
- your you cannot, create elements, not  cu, not cu4cu, with my kits, for personal use neither,
add, to Coffee Press, Etsy, Zazzle or similar sites no way, neither
-Use tutorials, please put a link to my blog,

Any dudal in the matter, or questions, you can write to your me to: dnscraps@gmail.com

Enjoy, thanks

TOU (Dncraps)-Terms of Use
Tou-© Dnscraps, changes conchi-tou 2012 -
Scraps-© dnscraps-Designing-conchi Scraps-Cu-pu, elements, posers

Commercial-Use .., posers, items, clothes, props, poser,
 -In espeficado poser or when to use them to add to kits, or kits that you sell
 give you free, and on the other hand, my poser can also be used to decorate, in layout, tags, etc. If you want to decorate, a commercial website or a store,
 You sell things you can do, giving me the credit corresponiente,
 for this you do not need any license, thanks
 but you can not sell my original posers,
 or do anything with them, to sell things, or other designs, thanks
 I have no license for my posers Cu4cu
  No sharing, No Resale!
 They can not be changed or distorted, or cut, or change, my posers should be left as they are, thank you!
(Multi license website designer)-only poser, and elements, cu, pu,
-Commercial use, poser, cards, prints, candy wrappers or paper printing and selling, and making cards and stationary,
 as well as line drawings or stamps, you need to buy a license for it, note this license is only for this,
 only, and does not serve to scrapooks or diseñadorse kits, and more,
 if you have questions please contact me, thanks
is a license for life, which is priced at only ... you can read in the pdf attachment, all you need ... This license is for posers and commercial use of the designs I do,
 This license entitles the purchaser to create the following elements for printing with products purchased from Dnscraps (after the license has been acquired):
 - Cards
 - Candy wrappers
 - Stationary
 - Digital Stamps
 - Handicrafts, such as T-shirts, mouse pads, etc.

  this license, not meant for resale poser or my commercial designs, in order not
  scrapbooking scrapbooking stores or designers
 This license will cost only
 NOTE PLEASE READ before purchasing
 By purchasing this license, you must send an email to my email address to receive the pdf of it, and also sent a sign with your name and purchase date so that he has and put it in your blog, website .. . Thanks
 zip in the purchase, no license, I will send, via email, please put on the website subject dnscraps license, or something,
 my email:, dnscraps@gmail.com
 Feel free to ask any questions about my email, or my conchialuz@gmail.com mail, blog
-For tags, you can put @ DNscraps
- You are allowed to use my poser, and commercial use items, if you need to decorate, website,
  promote your products ... just decoration
  I have no license for my posers Cu4cu
  No sharing, No Resale!
  any questions, ask me,
Put tutorials, if possible
 © DNscraps
 - You can use in my tutorials poser
   but you can not include a poser download the tutorial,
   include the link where can you buy
   my poser, and in the case of free poser, a link to my blog, thanks
  - You can include my items that I think for business and personal use
    in kits, layouts, tags, but not to sell my items in any way, or pack,
    or otherwise ....
  - You can recolorizar, resize as needed,
     I have no license Cu4cu for my items, cu, or pu,
    No sharing, No Resale!
-All papers and overlays designed by me,
  are for commercial and personal use, whenever it comes noted, that is, you can add to kits, to sell these kits for personal use,
   for layouts, tags, etc.
  not use more than 35% of the total,
 -You can not sell my own overlays, and papers, in pack, individually or otherwise,
   I have no license cu4cu,
   No sharing, No Resale!
-Use tutorials, please put a link to my blog, thanks
@ Dnscraps
Any Dudal about it, or question, you can write to:
  in short, Enjoy ... Thanks for your interest in my designs,

.................................................. ...........
TOU(Dncraps)-Terms of Use
Tou-©Dnscraps, conchi- cambios tou 2012-
Scraps- ©dnscraps-Diseñando Scraps-conchi-Cu-pu, elements, posers



   TOU(Dncraps)-Terms of Use
   Tou-©Dnscraps, conchi- cambios tou 2012-
   Scraps- ©dnscraps-Diseñando Scraps-conchi-Cu-pu, elements, posers-scripts-templates
  - Tu puedes usar, mis scripts, and templates, para Commercial uso y personal uso...
    Tu puedes usar para tus kits de personal uso, no mas de un 40% del total,
    Tu puedes hacer libres, de mis Scripts, pero no de las Templates
  - Tu no puedes Vender mis propios scripts, templates, de ninguna manera, en su forma
    original,  ni en packs, ni tampoco, ninguna textura, pattern, tubes o cualquier elemento que yo use
    en mis scripts, templates...ni tampoco, ser subidos a shared, radphisare, o cualquier otro
    servidor, ni en blog, website, de nigun modo.

  - Ninguno de mis scripts, pueden ser compartidos en ningun modo, deben ser comprados, para
    poder usarse, y los libres, siempre bajados de mi propio blog,
  -Tampoco pueden ser añadidos, venderse, o utilizados en a 
    Cafe Press, Etsy, Zazzle o sitios parecidos,
  -Licencia Cu4cu, de mis scripts, y Templates
   Tu puedes usar mis  script y templates, para hacer otros cu y pu elementos
   Todos mis scripts y templates deben ser fusionados, en una sola capa, y ser modificado
   como tal, no vender en cada capa
   Tu no puedes vender mis scripts, pero si puedes vender, los resultados de mis scripts y
   templates, siempre que tu hayas comprado la licencia siempre que este factible,
   Tu no puedes vender tus resultados de mis scripts,  como cu4cu, deben ser cu and pu,   
   Deberàs tener visible, mi licencia de cu elementos, y pu, en un sitio visible, en tu
   web, blog...
   Deberàs tener en tu tou, de cu  elementos con mis scripts, que tu tienes comprada
   mi licencia, correspondiente,
   Esta licencia, solo sirve para mis scripts, y templates, no para otro uso,
   Esta licencia, solo deberà ser para ti exclusivamente, no se podrà compartir en ningun modo, porque tendras un banner, con la fecha,
   nombre, diseñador, web, o sitio comercial donde tu uilizes tus diseños, hechos con mis scripts...
   No seguir mis terminos de uso, pueden revokar, la licencia, en cualquier momento,
   Hasta aqui mis terminos de uso, puedo añadir, en cualquier momento, nuevos terminos, segun necesidad,
   Lo màs importante, disfruta de mis scripts, and templates
   Cualquier duda, o pregunta, escribime a mi correo,
   @ Dnscraps

  TOU (Dncraps)-Terms of Use
   Tou-© Dnscraps, changes conchi-tou 2012 -
   Scraps-© dnscraps-Designing-conchi Scraps-Cu-pu, elements, posers-scripts-templates
  - You can use my scripts, and templates for Commercial use and personal use ...
    You can use for your personal use kits, no more than 40% of the total
    You can make free of my scripts, but not the Templates
  - You can not sell my own scripts, templates, no way, as
    original, or in packs, nor, any texture, pattern, tubes or any item that I use
    in my scripts, templates ... nor, be uploaded to shared, radphisare, or any other
    server, or blog, website, to be a master mode.

  - None of my scripts, can be shared in any way, must be purchased, for
    power use, and free, always downloaded from my own blog,
  -They can not be added, sold, or used in a
    Cafe Press, Etsy, Zazzle or similar sites,
  -License Cu4cu, my scripts, and Templates
   You can use my script and templates, to make other elements cu and pu
   All my scripts and templates should be merged in a single coat, and modified
   as such does not sell in each layer
   You can not sell my scripts, but if you sell, the results of my scripts and
   templates, as long as you have purchased the license provided that the feasible
   You can not sell your results of my scripts, as cu4cu must be cu and pu,
   You must have visible elements cu my license, and may result in a visible place in your
   web blog ...
   You should have in your tou, of cu items with my scripts, which you have purchased
   my license, corresponding
   This license is only for my scripts and templates, not for other use,
   This license shall only be for you alone, it may be shared in any way, because you will have a banner, with the date,
   name, designer, web, or commercial site where you uilizes your designs, made with my scripts ...
   Do not follow my terms of use may revokar, the license at any time
   So here my terms of use, I can add at any time, new terms, according to need,
   Most importantly, enjoy my scripts, and templates
   Any doubt or question, write me to my mail,
   @ Dnscraps
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